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Sue Foster, Oyster Bay Tackle, Ocean City MD
compliments of: Sue Foster, proprietor of
OYSTER BAY TACKLE, Ocean City Maryland,
and Fenwick Tackle, Fenwick Island Delaware.
Sue provides us hopeful fish catchers with a timely
and other handy fishing advice. ** Also CHECK OUT FISH TALK fishing forum At The Beach **

Ocean City Maryland & Assateague Island - Delaware Beaches - Ocean n Bay Fishing Report
By Sue Foster, Oyster Bay Tackle Shop, Ocean City MD - Fenwick Island DE
 Oct 20th 2014

Water Temp: 66.4

Fishing Report by Sue Foster

Another week of rough surf fishing conditions. Anglers that could keep their sinkers out there caught some bluefish. Keeper stripers showed up on the Route 50 Bridge on Saturday night. The tautog bite is improving.
Flounder are still biting but I imagine it is winding down. Friday was beautiful weather but by Sunday it was blowing a gale from the Northwest.

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Surf fishing was tough this week because of a swell from an offshore storm. Snapper blues were there for anglers that were able to hold bottom. We should be seeing stripers when the wind ever quits blowing.

Many anglers ask about reading the beach when surf fishing. "Poppy" a very good angler has posted another very good description with pictures on Stripers Online. Check it out:  Reading the Beach  He draws it out completely! If you're not catching fish in the surf, you need to study this!

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Capt Jeff Grimes e-mailed in from Florida!" "Well it is Sunday night and I just got off a plane from Tampa where it was 86 degrees when we boarded our plane and 51 when we stepped off the plane in Harrisburg.
Once again I am asking myself why do I like in Pennsylvania? As I said last week I had some family business to attend to in the Palm Harbor area on the Florida west coast. My buddy and I chartered a local captain out of Palm Harbor for what we thought was going to be a day of inshore Redfish fishing. Upon arrival we spoke to the captain and he told us the Redfish were running very small and with a cold front had just pasted two days ago and was thinking the Spanish Mackerel might be moving in and if we were lucky we may pick up a Grouper or Kingfish. We meet our captain at local marina where he was returning from a bait run on the beach. His bait well had close to 2000 pieces of live bait. "Not bad for three cast of his net". We headed out 8 miles out into the Gulf where started out looking for Grouper fishing with large frozen Sardines.
We'll it was not long till I had what we thought was a keeper Grouper but ended up being about a 4 foot Nurse Shark and not dinner. While we were using heavy rods and reels looking for dinner the captain was chumming out net full of the bait fish had  caught early in the morning.
All of a  sudden the water behind the boat started to boil and there were large Mackerel jumping out of the water. For the next several hours we caught large Mackerel one after another in the 10 to 15 pound size range all on light tackle and 10 lbs braided line and floria leaders.
Yes we had a few fish break off but we landed more than we lost. While we we're catch the Mackerel the captain put a Sardine  on a balloon thinking we may pick up a Kingfish. His hunch paid off big time when the line took off on the balloon line and the game was on for my buddy who spent the next 15 minutes fighting a 20 lbs. Kingfish on 10 lbs braid.
We continued to fish till till started catch smaller Mackerel. The capital said he knew there some Jacks up by the bridge in the Clearwater channel and thought we might have some fun catching them for a while. He was right. If you have not the experience of catching a Jack by some major structure try it sometime! It is a blast and you be very surprised how hard those fish fight. After landing several we decided to call it a day and what a great day it was! Check out my website at Facebook page for the pictures of some of the fish we caught on Saturday. If the want to make plans for a trip for next season give me a call at 717-574-4010 or email me at See you on the water."

The Rt. 50 Bridge still held some flounder this week. I saw the boats working hard just north of the Rt. 50 Bridge on Friday and Saturday morning. The low outgoing water was a lot cleaner than the incoming water because of the offshore swell. Boats were hanging there a long time so I'm pretty sure they were catching.  I know some nice keeper flounder were caught off the bulkhead on Thursday by some of the locals.

Tautog picked up on the Bridge and Bulkhead and Jetty as well. I fished the bulkhead a little while on Friday while watching the boats go to and fro.  Three fat shorts and lots of sea bass on green crabs.  Lots of fun in the sun. It was a beautiful day. Road around on Saturday and saw anglers picking up some tautog as well.

Darrell Zepp of Westminster MD e-mailed in his report:  "Hi Sue, Came down for a weekend of surf fishing with 2 buddies. High waves changed that plan. Stopped in Saturday afternoon and got advice and frozen sand fleas from Libby. Not much action until Sunday morning during that big blow at the bulkhead. Threw back lots of little sea bass but caught 4 Taug with 2 nice keepers. Great way to end the trip. Saturday saw several throw back Taug and Stripers on sand fleas."

Big news! Stripers! Apparently the stripers hit good on Saturday night on the Route 50 Bridge as the temperatures dropped. Jack Niemkiewicz came in with two stripers he caught from the family boat fishing close to the Bridge. The largest one was 16 1/4 pounds and 33 1/2 inches long and was caught on live eels. The family said they saw lots of stripers caught from the Bridge!

This picture is in our  Inshore Photo Gallery.

Larry Jock of the  Coastal Fisherman  posted on MONDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2014

11:00 AM - Charter boat, "Lucky Break" had 3 stripers and a big bluefish, all caught on eels. The stripers were hooked by the South Jetty and the 13 lb. 1 oz. bluefish was caught by the Rt. 50 Bridge.


The Bahia Marina Rocktoberfest tournament ended today. Lines were in at 4pm yesterday and out at 4pm today. The

Here are the final standings:

Rockfish Division: 1st - Hugh Cropper - 15 lbs. 11 oz. - $1,870 (caught at Rt. 50 Bridge on spot) 2nd - Chris Hall - 13 lbs. 14 oz. - $1,025 (caught at Rt. 50 Bridge on eel) 3rd - Mike Schirmer - 12 lbs. 5 oz. -
$705 (caught at South Jetty on curltail)

Bluefish Division: 1st - Myra Cropper - 7 lbs. 4 oz. - $287 (caught at Rt. 50 Bridge on spot)

Tautog Division: 1st - Owen Collins - 3 lbs. 7 oz. - $287 (caught at South Jetty on green crab)

Flounder Division: 1st - Kevin Stoltzfus - 5 lbs. 2 oz. - $287 (caught at South Jetty on spot)

Open Division:

1st - Scott Stoltzfus - 23.1 lb. ray - $287 (caught in Inlet on sand
flea) Offshore fishing on Party Boats has also been good on flounder!

Had a customer send in some of his pictures: Don Coffin with a 17" black drum he caught on 9/27/14 on a live sand flea from the north jetty in OC. Don Coffin of New Castle, DE with a 14" pompano he caught on a live sand flea from the north jetty in OC on 9/20. Tyler Coffin of New Castle, DE with a 16 1/4" tog he caught on a live sand flea from the Oceanic Pier on 10/10/14

These pictures are in our  Inshore Photo Gallery.

Richard from the  Oceanic Pier
(410-289-2602) reports porgies and some flounder by day. Some keeper tautog have been caught but no limits so far this past week. Bluefish, some trout, and short stripers are the fare at night.  At night, the fish are biting on lures. Use Gotcha Plugs, Spec Rigs, and Rattletraps.

The Ocean Pier reports blues, flounder, rays, skates and sharks. I tried up there one day this past week. It was real windy and the water was really dirty.  Caught six sand sharks right in a row, and hey, that was enough excitement for me!

Capt. Monty on the "
Morning Star reports this week:Fish Report 10/16/14 Unlocking NOAA's Pillory An Iconic Photo Not Possible

Have Reservation Book Open Saturday, October 18th & Sunday, October 19th to long sea bass trips - 6 to 3:30 - $125.00 & the rest of October until November 2nd on our regular schedule.

Am Now Opening November 3rd to the 11th For Sea Bass On Our Regular Schedule As Well..

Saturday's 6:00 to 3:30 - $125.00 – Otherwise 7 to 3 at $110.00..
Reservations Required at 410 520 2076 - LEAVE YOUR BEST POSSIBLE CONTACT NUMBER - Weather Cancelations Are Common - I Make Every Attempt To Let Clients Sleep In If The Weather's Not Going Our Way..

Be a half hour early! We always leave early! ..except when someone shows up right on time. Clients arriving late will see the west end of an east bound boat.

Dramamine Is Cheap Insurance! Crystalized Ginger Works Great Too. It's Simple To Prevent Motion Sickness, Difficult To Cure. If You Suffer Mal-de-Mer In A Car You Should Experiment On Shorter Half-Day Trips First!

Bring A Cooler With Ice For Your Fish – A 48 Quart Cooler Is Fine For A Few People. Bring Lunch & Your Refreshment – No Galley. Bring A Fish Towel Too..

The OC Reef Foundation Aims To Build Its Single Largest & Most Expensive Concrete Reef Deployment Ever This Fall. (early this winter??) The Capt Bob Gowar Reef Will Become A Cornerstone Of Our Nearshore Reef Restoration Efforts.

Reef blocks previously weighed 30 pounds apiece. We took 24 each trip.
New blocks weigh very nearly 100 pounds each; we load 10 daily. Taking out more tons in fewer blocks.. 10,553 Reef Blocks by the rail – 3,000 at Jimmy Jackson's – 2,136 at Doug Ake's – 1,115 at Saint Ann's – 558 at Eagle Scout Reef - 537 at Lindsey's Isle of Wight Reef and, just begun,
42 at the Brian Sauerzopf Memorial Reef..

Greetings All, Opening more days in November. Ought to be some decent fishing. Fall always was my favorite sea bassing.  We'll find out starting Saturday when sea bass reopen.

In colonial times every town had a pillory, a post with a hinged board that had three holes - one for the neck and two for the wrists.
Townsfolk would throw rocks. Sometimes they'd even nail the accused's ear to the board. Who could guess what nastiness was done to the defenseless, no matter how deserving. With only economic bruising, NOAA's going to release us from their pillory this Saturday; let us go fishing a while.

Environmental community, managers, even some recreational fishers at the heart of regulation know we got what we deserved for taking more than our quota ..overfishing scoundrels deserve to be closed, deserve the pillory!

While we're fishing in October & November .guv will likely do some maintenance. Varnish the wood & oil the hinge; keep their pillory operational. New catch estimates are due out anyday for July/August.
NOAA's gonna need lock us up again; probably stock a load of rocks nearby..

Did offer a triggerfish trip on Friday, October 10th. Pretty day - No clients.. Decided to do a reef building trip anyway because the weather was just right for getting our barge out. It has to be perfect. My crew & I first deployed a mooring at Lindsey Power's at the Isle of Wight Reef and then dropped 33 hundred pound reef blocks. A half hour later Tow Boat U.S. Ocean City made the Reef Foundation's barge fast to our mooring and rolled 22 tons of cement pipe off. Bullseye. Exactly, Precisely Where I Wanted It. There are four subway cars, three piles of pipe & 537 blocks at Lindsey's so far..

Wasn't very long ago Lindsey's was just sand, then an idea people are fishing the reef because fish live there. Capt. Monty Hawkins Partyboat Morning Star Ocean City, MD Posted by Monty at Friday, October 03, 2014

 E-mail Capt Monty at:  Capt  Monty about upcoming trips or to subscribe to his newsletter:   You can also contact Capt Monty at:

Capt. Monty Hawkins Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservation Line 410 520 2076

Watch the  weather.

 Help and Donate to the Ocean City Reef Foundation! It's a 501c3 tax

Capt Chris Mizurak of the Angler party boat writes in on Oct 5th:
"Seabass reopens on the 18th, and we have updated the schedule with 10hr and 18hr trips. For more information and reservations please call 410-458-8343.  Thanks and hope to see you soon!"

Capt Chris Mizurak also runs the Reef Chief. For more information on chartering the Reef Chief you may contact me at 410-458-8343."

For more information on chartering the Reef Chief you may call 410-458-8343.Thanks and hope to see you soon! Reef Chief  410-458-8343 For more information on chartering the Reef Chief you may call 410-458-8343. For info on the Reef Chief go to: .

Joe at  Lewes Harbour Marina (302-645-6227) reports on Oct 12th: 
  • " Anglers had to deal with more wind last week, but during days when conditions allowed boaters to get out on Delaware Bay, they found better blackfishing than in past weeks. Water temperatures remained in the 60's, however, tog seemed more active, and crews recorded some decent catches. Captain Pete on Top Fin hosted Mr. Hong and his group for a trip to structure, where they put 28 tautog and a big sheepshead in the box. Mr. Jin and his toggers joined Pete Saturday for some fine togging, and retuned with a 35 fish limit, plus a 10 pound black drum. Captain Ted said there was a good tog bite at the Inner Wall when he was there Saturday morning with the Indian. Captain Vince togged Bay structure Saturday, and his gang aboard Miss Kirstin rounded up 29 tautog, 2 triggerfish and a keeper sea bass. Friday, Captain Brent's patrons on the Katydid put together a batch of 33 blackfish and one trigger. Randy Jensen, Billy Lantz, Mike Ditton and Charlie Breitenbach have become pretty proficient at working the Outer Wall, and showed their skill Friday with a limit of 20 chunky tog. Randy offered an observation that helped their take. He said when the fish didn't bite in close to the rocks, they dropped back a fair distance away from the Wall and found tautog feeding where scattered boulders off the main breakwater met the sand bottom. At this writing, Charlie was holding First and Third Places in the Lewes Harbour Tog Tournament with fish of 5.94 and 5.88 pounds. Randy had Second with his 5.89 pounder. The Tourney runs through October 31st, and offers cash prizes. Colin Boteler wished he had signed up for the Tournament before he went to the Wall Saturday morning. He boated a citation earning 7.72 pound blackfish that would have put him in the lead. Larry Hughes also missed a shot at placing since he hadn't entered before he landed his 6.4 pounder. There's still plenty of time, and last year's Contest was won on October 30th with a massive 20 pounder! In addition to blustery weather, boaters had to contend with area closures on Delaware Bay. The Coast Guard established safety zones where Naval exercises were scheduled October 16th through 24th, and the regions were closed to boat traffic from 8am until 8pm on those days. Reefs 6 and 7 fell within the zone, so fishing those sites was off limits. Sea bass season reopened over the weekend, but stiff breezes prevented most boats from getting out to the Ocean grounds. Reef Site 11, Del Jersey Land and wrecks in 90 to 120 feet should offer good bassing on days when sea conditions permit getting there. The season is set to stay open until the end of December. There still have been no reports of migratory striped bass showing up at the mouth of Delaware Bay, but resident backwater rockfish have been around. Lewes Canal, Broadkill River and creeks emptying out of the Great Marsh held good numbers of small to medium sized stripers. They could be tempted into striking 3 to 4 inch swim shads and other soft plastics, along with swimming and topwater plugs. Keepers were available too. Dave Walker and Robert Karpovich drifted eels around the Drawbridge for three legal bass between 29 and 31 inches. Greg Wagner fished near the Bridge one night during the week, and told of a 33 inch rock. Surf casters continue to encounter small blues at Cape Henlopen Point. The mullet run is about done, so fresh bait has become hard to come by, but frozen still produces. An occasional short striper, kingfish or blowfish mingled with snappers in the suds." For more info check out Joe's entire report. Anglers need a DE Fishing License to fish, crab, and clam in DEL: Individual Delaware Fishing Licenses are now available online You can also renew your boat registration here! Check out the link on our web site to the local chapter of the MSSA. They are keeping us abreast on all the Fishing Issues. From our Oyster Bay Website, go to "More Fishing Info" on the left hand side, and click on "MSSA Atlantic Anglers". Check the weather before driving hours to go offshore or fish the surf. Go to Coastal Marine Forecast to get an idea of the weather and height of the waves. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz of the "Thelma Dale V" fishes out of Fisherman's Wharf. Here's his report from the 30th: "It's been another long week of trying to catch Tog. We have still been battling the wind as well as strong running currents and not so clean water. We have still been seeing a variety catch including a few nice fat Tog. Hoefully as this water continues to cool the Tog catching will continue to improve!" If you would like any more information about trips sailing out of the Wharf or you would like to book a private charter or reserve space on one of the upcoming special trips please give us a call at (302) 645-TUNA. Don't forget to check us out on facebook for the most recent updates as well as all of the pictures from recent trips." His full report and boat info is here. Then go to the Home Page and click on his FaceBook page. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz Thelma Dale V" Old Inlet (302-227-7974) reported on the 16th:"Less than optimal weather did not stop the anglers in the DMS Surf Fishing Tournament. Conditions were tough but those that braved the weather found small blues and kingfish on the beach. The striper migration has started. Reports of fish on the beach from Montauk to north Jersey. They will be here soon! So be ready! Getting reports of more keeper stripers in the Inlet. Its a night bite on live eels. Good tautog bite in the Inlet too. Some up to 20 inches!" Bill's Sport Shop (302-645-7654) in Lewes, DE reports stripers in the Rehoboth Bay and Indian River Inlet. Only a few flounder in the Indian River Inlet.They seem to be moving out into the ocean." Tog at Indian River Inlet and fish at Site 11 if you can get out there! " Check out his report. "Pretty cool web site... Lots of pics, reports and descriptions and directions to get to some of those fishing places in DEL everyone talks about but you might wonder where they are! The site is DSF Delware Surf Fishing. ( Capt.Dan Stauffer (866-623-4746) of the Fin Chaser does wreck, inlet and trolling trips. Here's one of his fish reports from this thus week, first day of sea bass being back open!: 10/18/14 Cancelled today’s trip last evening based on a nasty forecast. At 7 am the winds was still reasonable so I call the guys who had driven down from Philly and told them I think we could slip out for a few hours and put a couple fish dinners in the cooler before the crazy 20+ knot winds start. After a 18 mile boat ride we send down some baits. The drift is nuts, over 2 knots so reluctantly I throw the hook. I’m truly amazed at the action. Nearly every fish is going in the cooler with size to spare. In less than two hours this trio of anglers has their limit plus a couple extra for the capt. One the way home we hit the leading edge of the wind….wow its howling. Fortunately we only have five miles to the inlet and the wind hasn’t been cranking long enough to build the seas. Back in the slip after a short little productive trip with 48 sea bass in the box. Wilson Cropp Charters and Guide Service. Cape Charles, VA- 1-434-531-6376) (Just a note to say to my readers that many of my fishing reports are from other anglers and party boats that come over my e-mail. When I "copy/paste" their reports I try to leave them intact. It keeps the fishing reports lively and interesting. But any comments/politics within the quotes are their comments and views, and not necessarily mine.) Need info on where, how, when to fish, crab, and clam? Go to Drifting Easy Archives and READ UP! It's all in there and it's FREE!!!!!! Need to tie a knot? Click Here. This is really cool! You can also click Here! A friend of ours has a new business! Clean Brothers Power Washing, Commercial, Residential Roofs, Decks, Docks, Boats, Walkways 215 868 5211 Ask for Ed or Phil! Their web site is: Maryland Fishing License Anglers fishing in Ocean City will need to purchase a saltwater fishing license. This license will cover both the Chesapeake Bay and the coastal waters and surf of Ocean City and Assateague Island. Yes, this includes surf fishing. If you already have a Chesapeake Bay Saltwater license you are good to go! Anglers will be able to purchase the license online or come to Oyster Bay Tackle to purchase one. Please bring cash to buy your fishing license in our store. If you go online, Logon if you have ever had a MD fishing or hunting license in the past or Enroll if you never had. Fill in all the information and click on "Purchase License" The license you want to choose is "Bay and Coastal Sport" You can either choose a year-round or 7-day. If you know you are coming to Ocean City,and you want to get it done ahead of time you can also call a toll free number (1-855-855-3906) or print and mail in an application. Boat Licenses: $50 and everyone on your boat can go fishing without a license. You will get a personal license along with your boat license, so you can go shore fishing as well. They will send you your sticker for your boat in the mail. If you come to Oyster Bay Tackle, we have the 2014 stickers for sale. Mail the application to their main office: Maryland Dept. of Natural resources Annapolis Service Center P.O. Box 1869 1804 West Street, Suite 300 Annapolis, MD 21401 If you are going to be fishing on a private boat with someone who has a Boat License, you don't have to buy a license, but you do have to register online. This is free and is done on the same site that you would buy a license. Logon if you have ever had a MD fishing or hunting license or Enroll if you never had. Fill in all the information and click on "Obtain Registration" to print your free registration. Print out your number and keep an id with you when you go fishing. You can also call 1-855-855-3906 during daytime hours. Be sure to write down the number they give you. That will be your temporary license. (You also need to get a free registration if you fish one of the free fishing areas in Ocean City.) Another interesting note about the license is that if you buy a VA license, it is good in MD, and vice versa. If you are fishing in MD with a VA licence you do need to register with MD online. Again, this is free. This is so each state can "try" to figure out "how many" fish are being caught in their own individual states. (VA Free Registry) If you want to go fishing in Ocean City without a license, your choices will be the "Oceanic Pier," the "Ocean Pier" or to go fishing on a party or charter boat. You can now go fishing in one of the "free zones." 2nd through 4th Street Bulkhead or Northside Park. (You need the free MD registry to fish in these two areas.) Come to Oyster Bay Tackle and we can do that for you. You can also go crabbing and clamming in Ocean City without a license. Or you can fish off your own private dock. Ocean City has two free fishing zones. The bulkhead from 2nd to 4th Street (Chicago Ave.) and the Northside Park at 125th Street. You do not need a license in these two places but you do need a "free registry." Go here to register online. This is free and can also be done over the phone during daytime hours of 7-7 at 1-855-855-3906. Senior citizens 65 and older. Cost is $5 if you have a MD driver's license and are a resident of MD, but if you are a non-resident there is no break. No break for boat licenses either. $50 resident or non-resident. Contact Info If you have any questions regarding Maryland's sport fishing license requirements, you may contact Fisheries Service via e mail: or by calling (410-656-9526). Following is the fee schedule for 2012 & 2013: Senior License (year round) - $5.00 Resident License (year round) - $15.00 Resident License (7-day) - $6.00 Non-resident (year round) - $22.50 Non- resident (7-day) - $12.00 Pleasure Boat Decal (covers everyone on boat - year round) - $50.00 No license is required for: Boat decal passengers Those fishing in "free fishing" areas Those fishing from their waterfront properties Anglers under 16 years old Anglers fishing on a licensed charter, party or guide boat Anglers fishing commercially under a valid license For more information, log onto If you have any fish reports please e-mail Sue Foster at: Oyster Bay Tackle. E-mail me your name and where you are from so we can put you in our weekly fish reports! Need a gift card? Give us a call at 410-524-3433 You can also buy them online. (Instore Only- Good at both of our locations.) Flounder and Surf, Rig and Lure Packages, Selection of Swimming Shads or Gotcha Plugs! Good fishing...
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