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Sue Foster, Oyster Bay Tackle, Ocean City MD
compliments of: Sue Foster, proprietor of
OYSTER BAY TACKLE, Ocean City Maryland,
and Fenwick Tackle, Fenwick Island Delaware.
Sue provides us hopeful fish catchers with a timely
and other handy fishing advice.

Ocean City Maryland & Assateague Island - Delaware Beaches - Ocean n Bay Fishing Report
By Sue Foster, Oyster Bay Tackle Shop, Ocean City MD - Fenwick Island DE
 April 14th 2014

Water Temp: 47.3

Fishing Report by Sue Foster

Water temps came way up this week! First black drum of the season was caught on Assateague! Heard there were a few stripers as well. First keeper flounder of the season was reported in the bay. Tautog are biting along the bulkhead in Ocean City and also offshore.

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week. 9-4 on Wed. Easter Weekend 7-7.   (302-539-7766).  Our  online mall is open. E-mail Sue Foster at:  Oyster Bay Tackle if you have any questions.

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The first black drum of the season was caught on Assateague this week. 
Congratulations to Bill Powell of Ocean City for, once again, catching the first recorded Black Drum in the Assateague Surf on 4/10. Fish measured 38 inches. His picture is in our  Surf Fishing Photo Gallery. Also heard on Old Inlet's report that some stripers were reported from Assateague surf.  Larry Smith of Fenwick Tackle had a 12-inch striper reported from the surf caught on Fishbites on Sunday. Well, it was a fish anyway!

Black drum like a combo of Orange Fishbite Crab strip and a sand flea.
Apparently there are a few sand fleas on the beach on Assateague; enough to dig a few and put on the hook.

"JohnPond" posted on Stripers Online on Saturday: "The shad and white perch are thick in the Pocomoke River. I've seen three tog caught a couple of days ago in Ocean City. Another keeper Striped bass was caught off AI today."

"TankBoy112" posted onThursday: "Was at Assateague Island from noon to 6 and not even a nibble, supposedly a 40 incher was caught this morning."

Another report was that an angler caught some "short" stripers on Assateague surf last week.

Many anglers caught "zero" over the weekend. It was very "hit or miss."

Many anglers ask about reading the beach when surf fishing. "Poppy" a very good angler has posted another very good description with pictures on Stripers Online. Check it out:  Reading the Beach  He draws it out completely! If you're not catching fish in the surf, you need to study this!

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Locals were catching "short" stripers in the Fenwick Ditch on worms and lures this past week.

Some tautog were caught along the bulkhead between 2nd and 4th Streets.
Vince Cannuli snapped a picture of a 15 1/2 inch tautog caught and released along bulkhead at 2nd Street on Thursday. Half in shy of legal!
This picture is in our  Inshore Photo Gallery.

Larry Jock of the  Coastal Fisherman tells us about the first flounder of the season in Ocean City, MD! On Thursday he reports: "The first flounder of the year was caught by Frank Watkins just north of the Rt. 90 Bridge. Frank caught the 17-incher on a pink Gulp. Although this is the first keeper flounder we have heard about, I did hear that other anglers have hooked several throwbacks up by the Rt. 90 Bridge. In addition, I also heard that both short and keeper stripers are being caught in the same area."

Larry continues: "Anglers on the "Fish Bound" had 8 keeper tog weighing over 10 lbs. yesterday. Their largest weighed 16 lbs.. All were caught on green crabs near the Jackspot on an ocean wreck."

Last Monday Larry Jock reported: "A few tog are being caught off the bulkhead that runs from 2nd to 4th Street. I have also heard some undersize stripers have been hooked around the Rt. 50 Bridge. I know commercial anglers setting nets have been disappointed with the number of stripers they have seen this year, but the bay is LOADED with bunker, so maybe there is hope that things will heat up shortly.Dave McKay called in to report 2 keeper flounder (17" & 18") were caught by his group in Wachapreague this past weekend. Dave said it was COLD!"

The  Oceanic Pier
(410-289-2602) reports that a few tautog were caught from the pier this week. Skates are here! One man caught 62 on Saturday on squid! Lots of pullage there!  J.J. says they are going to turn on the lights this week and try for shad and whatever else might be there.

Lynn Jarman from Ake Marine stopped in to say he saw a boat stop by and had a nice 18" and a 19" flounder in his cooler in their boat.

Capt. Monty on the "
Morning Star reports on April 6th:

"Fish Report 4/6/14 Help Wanted Boat's Almost Ready Recreational Summit

Selling Long Sea Bass Trips May 19th to May 25th.. Be opening the rest of May & June to reservations before too long.

Greetings All, A sad day. Mate Mike is leaving for a job in the real world. Among the best crew I've ever had, he shall be sorely missed. I am now in need of a deckhand if you know a flexible person looking for work. Not flexible as in working hours; flexible as in able to fold up into the small places in her bilges.. Seamanship will come. I need someone to cut bait, clean fish & scrub the heads; to pull and set anchors, tie rigs and work very long hours.. Applicants should email and be patient. I will respond. Long winter.

Mike & I just put a coat of super heavy duty non-skid paint on her aft deck. Dropping reef blocks overboard daily has costs: paint's just one.
With 8,700 oyster castle blocks by the rail in two years; I'll see if I can take it to six-figures before my turn's over. Have a few more tasks, including non-skiding the forward deck. Get that paint on after this next rain & clean her up for clients.

Then we're going toggin ..and, I hope, training.

I am humbled that so many contribute to the Ocean City Reef Foundation.
Capt. Jeremiah of the O.C. Dive Boat has been steadily improving our website at and has recently added an email newsletter, plus Facebook. We're seeing a steady increase in the number of subscribers & have had two "name that reef" donations just this week. Also looking forward to a delicious Reef Dinner at the Marlin Club on Sunday, May 4th, from 4:30 to 7:30. An annual fundraiser; we'll have silent, Chinese, 50/50 & live auction items  even a Benelli shotgun. (Thanks
Benelli!) Only a month away, tickets will be $20.00 and available soon.
Please write if you have items to contribute to any of the auctions; we are in need. It's going to be a fantastic year for reef building. Help make it even better.

Anglers support reef building because it's what we live. Perhaps that's precisely why they don't get it near the top of NOAA & NMFS  - More Coral, More Fish..."

Go to Morning Star Fishing Report to read Capt Monty's entire newsletter...
( Join his newsletter if you want to get e-mails about upcoming trips.  He'll be doing some more tautog trips soon as the weather and water temps improve.

 E-mail Capt Monty at:  Capt  Monty about upcoming trips or to subscribe to his newsletter:

Capt. Monty Hawkins Party Boat "Morning Star"
Reservation Line 410 520 2076

Watch the  weather.

 Help and Donate to the Ocean City Reef Foundation! It's a 501c3 tax deductable .org

Capt Chris Mizurak of the Angler party boat writes on 3/10: I hope everyone has had a good winter. Things are finally starting to warm up in Ocean City. The Angler will begin the 2014 season in late April. We will begin fishing for tautog, until May 19th when the black sea bass season opens up. We will be having a 10hr trip (6am to 4pm) on May 19th for seabass. There will also be some deep drop trips added to the schedule in May.  For more information and reservations please call 410-458-8343.  Thanks and hope to see you soon!

Capt Chris Mizurak reported from the Reef Chief on the 13th: "Headed out today with light winds, but a steep swell out of the south. We planned on heading south but with the left over swell, we had to make a detour to the east.  Got set up on our first spot in about 100ft of water and we had bites right away. We put a few in the box in the first hour and also had some throwbacks. We fished a few others spots and had flurries of action throughout the day.  The guys ended up with 10 keepers up to about 7lbs. The weather looks crappy for first part of the week, but I do have openings on Friday & Saturday. For more information on chartering the Reef Chief you may call 410-458-8343. Thanks and hope to see you soon! Reef Chief  410-458-8343

 For more information on chartering the Reef Chief you may call  410-458-8343. Thanks and hope to see you soon!"  For info on the Reef Chief go to: .

Joe at  Lewes Harbour Marina (302-645-6227) is back from Florida. Here's his report from the 10th: 
  • "Anglers trying Broadkill River this past weekend hooked white perch and short stripers using bloodworms. Catfish were plentiful, and took clams or cut bunker. Popular spots included the mouth of Petersfield Ditch, Oyster Rocks and the Route One bridge. Not much hs been happening in Delaware Bay, but Ocean bottom bouncers connected with tautog on reef sites 9 and 10. Captain Carey anchored Grizzly over reef structure Sunday where his patrons put 15 keeper blackfish in the box, and released 35 others. We're carrying green crabs for tog bait throughout the spring season, that runs until May 11th. We also have clams and shrimp, and some days, especially with cold water, tautog respond better to soft baits such as those. The current daily creel limit for tog is three per person with a 15 inch minimum size. Flounder should become active in shallow water around Cape Henlopen Pier and Lewes Canal soon. This year's annual Canal Flounder Tournament is set for Friday May 16th. Entry fee is $25 per angler, payable in cash, in advance, at Lewes Harbour Marina. Five dollars of each entry will be donated to the Camp Awareness youth program. Last year's Tourney had the largest number of participants so far, and we're taking signups already at the store for the 2014 event. Stripers and black drum should be showing along the Broadkill Beach surf in coming weeks, and possibly some weakfish too. I recently spoke with Dewayne Fox, who's been conducting sturgeon research in the Ocean off Bethany Beach. A few days ago, he released three very large striped bass from his net, the heaviest weighing 68 pounds. Wow, what a rockfish! He said the fish were still full of roe, and likely on their way to spawning grounds. It's cool to hear about such big bass, and anglers will have the chance for a trophy like that as they migrate through the Bay." For more info check out Joe's entire report. Anglers need a DE Fishing License to fish, crab, and clam in DEL: Individual Delaware Fishing Licenses are now available online You can also renew your boat registration here! Check out the link on our web site to the local chapter of the MSSA. They are keeping us abreast on all the Fishing Issues. From our Oyster Bay Website, go to "More Fishing Info" on the left hand side, and click on "MSSA Atlantic Anglers". Check the weather before driving hours to go offshore or fish the surf. Go to Coastal Marine Forecast to get an idea of the weather and height of the waves. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz of the "Thelma Dale V" fishes out of Fisherman's Wharf. On April 1st he posts:
  • "As it stands now we are scheduled to run with the regular Full-Day trips on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays. Trips depart the dock at 7:00 A.M. and we generally return around 4:00 p.m. I will be primarily wreck fishing for Tautog. Bait has thus far been an issue with the weather we have had but I plan on providing both Crabs and Clams when they are available. Feel free to bring along some shrimp or any other hard bait you can get your hands on. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so that a fresh bait supply will be readily available to us as the season progresses. In the event that some Mackerel do show up don't be surprised if we stop and try to jig some up if or when I see them. I may be dreaming of yesteryear but there is always that chance they will show and the Mac's can be a lot of fun! Our next Long-Range trip is scheduled for April 12th and will be fishing primarily of Tilefish. There is a complete list of trips listed on the website at and don't forget to check out Groupon for the latest deals on trips sailing out of the Wharf this year. If you would like any more information about trips sailing out of the Wharf or you would like to book a private charter or reserve space on one of the upcoming special long-range trips please give us a call at (302) 645-TUNA. His full report and boat info is here. Capt. Rick Yakimowicz Thelma Dale V" Old Inlet Bait and Tackle (302-227-7974) reports on the 7th: Still no fish action to report. Had a report of the first osprey siting of the season!! Up on the Lewes canal. It will not be long now! Its going to be a few weeks before the fish start biting. Hopefully we'll have stripers and flounder by the end of the month." Old Inlet reported on April 10th: "15.5" tautog caught in the Inlet. Reliable report of a couple of short stripers caught in the Inlet last night. Saltwater flies - outgoing water. Bunker reported in Indian River bay! Stripers caught on Assateague over the weekend. Better spring weather in the forecast. Will not be long now." Bill's Sport Shop (302-645-7654) in Lewes, DE reports 4/8:"Heard from Captain Carey Evans, 'Grizzly Sport Fishing Charters. He reports: "We finally made it out after one cold winter. Wallace Moore and freinds had a nice day to start the spring, harvesting 15 tog and throwing back 35 shorts. Tog fishing will improve with the water warming up. Saw an osprey eating a large bunker yesterday so there should be some stripers around soon." On 4/11 he reports that Indian River Inlet has started to see stripers and flounder. Check out his report. "Pretty cool web site... Lots of pics, reports and descriptions and directions to get to some of those fishing places in DEL everyone talks about but you might wonder where they are! The site is DSF Delware Surf Fishing. ( There's also some reports of inland fishing for stripers. Pretty much out of our "neck of the woods" but quite interesting... Capt.Dan Stauffer (866-623-4746) of the Fin Chaser does wreck, inlet and trolling trips. Wilson Cropp Charters and Guide Service. Cape Charles, VA- 1-434-531-6376) (Just a note to say to my readers that many of my fishing reports are from other anglers and party boats that come over my e-mail. When I "copy/paste" their reports I try to leave them intact. It keeps the fishing reports lively and interesting. But any comments/politics within the quotes are their comments and views, and not necessarily mine.) Need info on where, how, when to fish, crab, and clam? Go to Drifting Easy Archives and READ UP! It's all in there and it's FREE!!!!!! Need to tie a knot? Click Here. This is really cool! You can also click Here! A friend of ours has a new business! Clean Brothers Power Washing, Commercial, Residential Roofs, Decks, Docks, Boats, Walkways 215 868 5211 Ask for Big Ed! Maryland Fishing License Anglers fishing in Ocean City will need to purchase a saltwater fishing license. This license will cover both the Chesapeake Bay and the coastal waters and surf of Ocean City and Assateague Island. Yes, this includes surf fishing. If you already have a Chesapeake Bay Saltwater license you are good to go! Anglers will be able to purchase the license online or come to Oyster Bay Tackle to purchase one. Please bring cash to buy your fishing license in our store. If you go online, Logon if you have ever had a MD fishing or hunting license in the past or Enroll if you never had. Fill in all the information and click on "Purchase License" The license you want to choose is "Bay and Coastal Sport" You can either choose a year-round or 7-day. If you know you are coming to Ocean City,and you want to get it done ahead of time you can also call a toll free number (1-855-855-3906) or print and mail in an application. Boat Licenses: $50 and everyone on your boat can go fishing without a license. You will get a personal license along with your boat license, so you can go shore fishing as well. They will send you your sticker for your boat in the mail. If you come to Oyster Bay Tackle, we have the 2014 stickers for sale. Mail the application to their main office: Maryland Dept. of Natural resources Annapolis Service Center P.O. Box 1869 1804 West Street, Suite 300 Annapolis, MD 21401 If you are going to be fishing on a private boat with someone who has a Boat License, you don't have to buy a license, but you do have to register online. This is free and is done on the same site that you would buy a license. Logon if you have ever had a MD fishing or hunting license or Enroll if you never had. Fill in all the information and click on "Obtain Registration" to print your free registration. Print out your number and keep an id with you when you go fishing. You can also call 1-855-855-3906 during daytime hours. Be sure to write down the number they give you. That will be your temporary license. (You also need to get a free registration if you fish one of the free fishing areas in Ocean City.) Another interesting note about the license is that if you buy a VA license, it is good in MD, and vice versa. If you are fishing in MD with a VA licence you do need to register with MD online. Again, this is free. This is so each state can "try" to figure out "how many" fish are being caught in their own individual states. (VA Free Registry) If you want to go fishing in Ocean City without a license, your choices will be the "Oceanic Pier," the "Ocean Pier" or to go fishing on a party or charter boat. You can now go fishing in one of the "free zones." 2nd through 4th Street Bulkhead or Northside Park. (You need the free MD registry to fish in these two areas.) Come to Oyster Bay Tackle and we can do that for you. You can also go crabbing and clamming in Ocean City without a license. Or you can fish off your own private dock. Ocean City now has two free fishing zones. The bulkhead from 2nd to 4th Street (Chicago Ave.) and the Northside Park at 125th Street. You do not need a license in these two places but you do need a "free registry." Go here to register online. This is free and can also be done over the phone during daytime hours of 7-7 at 1-855-855-3906. We can also do your free registry at Oyster Bay Tackle. Senior citizens 65 and older. Cost is $5 if you have a MD driver's license and are a resident of MD, but if you are a non-resident there is no break. No break for boat licenses either. $50 resident or non-resident. Contact Info If you have any questions regarding Maryland's sport fishing license requirements, you may contact Fisheries Service via e mail: or by calling (410-656-9526). Following is the fee schedule for 2012 & 2013: Senior License (year round) - $5.00 Resident License (year round) - $15.00 Resident License (7-day) - $6.00 Non-resident (year round) - $22.50 Non- resident (7-day) - $12.00 Pleasure Boat Decal (covers everyone on boat - year round) - $50.00 Commercial Fishing Pier License (year round) - $290.00 No license is required for: Boat decal passengers Those fishing in "free fishing" areas Those fishing from their waterfront properties Anglers under 16 years old Anglers fishing on a licensed charter, party or guide boat Anglers fishing commercially under a valid license For more information, log onto If you have any fish reports please e-mail Sue Foster at: Oyster Bay Tackle. E-mail me your name and where you are from so we can put you in our weekly fish reports! Good fishing... Need a gift card? Give us a call at 410-524-3433 You can also buy them online. (Instore Only- Good at both of our locations.) 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